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Gail Ellis, another voice crying out in the wilderness, simply a normal person who is continually seeking Godís will and His way for my life. I have discovered that obedience is better than sacrifice, and I realized that just because I was at church seven days a week, serving and working on all kinds of committees, and would not dare miss the prayer meetings on Wednesday nights, I was not obedient and was living a lie. With all of my church work and service, one would think I was holier-than-thou! This couldnít be further from the truth. However, in manís eye this was the way straight to heaven. I learned that I could not work to be saved, and now I work because I am saved! In all of my serving at the church I was lost and hell-bound. I was living in the flesh and controlling my own destiny by being materialistic, arrogant, flirtatious in the worst way, and a lover of money. Was God in control of my life? No, this gives you an idea of just how far I was from God.

Finally, I began to recognize that this was not what Christianity was all about. I remember saying that I didnít want to serve a God who allowed me to do whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to do it. As a child I was taught that God understands, and all I had to do was ask for forgiveness and I would be all right. They should have told me the truth Ė that everything was being recorded and I will have to give an account of all my transgressions. They should have told me that I needed to repent in order to be forgiven, I needed to be delivered from my wicked ways, and then I needed to turn my life around. There is a big difference between forgiveness and repentance.

Then the scripture "...whom God loves, He chastises..." continued to enter my mind, along with the thought that I was not being chastised, or was I? I began to diligently seek God through fasting and praying, asking Him to teach me how to live holy, and to show me how to love my neighbors as myself as God, in His word admonishes us to do. While waiting for Godís answer, I began to study the word of God and the traditions of men, discovering that the traditions of men did not coincide with the word of God. This led to confusion and a deeper quest for knowledge. I began to ask questions of some local men and women of God, whose answers left me even more confused. You see, everyone gave me their own personal interpretations, feelings and opinions that did not coincide with what I was reading in the Word of God.

I prayed in the name of Jesus, simply saying, "God, I am so sorry for going behind your back and not being patient enough to wait on You, and for asking man about You and Your ways." When I realized that only God could lead and guide me in the way that I should go, what a revelation! I knocked and the door was opened; I began to seek and I found; I beheld and my eyes were opened. The Holy Spirit revealed much to me about the traditions of men and the tricks of the devil. It was not about serving on all of those committees at the church; that is all man-made. God does not require all of that. I was serving man and not God.

Yes, I have a past full of mistakes, but now I have a future that is promising in Jesus Christ. I am the wife of one husband, the mother of one daughter, and I reside in a suburban estate in the rolling hills of Georgia, and I am serving God with fear and trembling, seeking my own soulís salvation. I am looking forward to entering into the heavenly gates with praise and thanksgiving and to meeting my Creator.

What is written in this book is for me as well. I am just trying to serve the Lord God with all my heart, soul and mind. All I know is that I love the Lord with my whole heart and want to please Him in all that I do. If I had knowledge of a big sale or a place that was giving away money, I would tell everyone I knew and everyone I met about it so that they could share in the blessing. So it is with the truth of God. I want everyone to know and to take advantage of what God has to offer. My prayer is that my family, and all who read this book will come to love, fear, serve and trust God. My prayer is that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in the sight of the Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

Now, this book is filled with Biblical scriptures. However, I do not state where the scriptures are found in the Bible! That would be too easy! Furthermore, that is part of the problem Ė not reading and studying the Word. My challenge to you is for you to search the scriptures for yourself, see if the statements herein are true! For in them you have eternal life.

You can download your FREE copy of Eye Opener today. Click on file to open or right click with mouse and select SAVE TARGET AS and download this wonderful book. Eye-Opener.pdf 

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